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This camp will be dedicated to producing some of the best fighters that any league has to offer. If you wanna be good, this is the wrong camp for you. In this camp, only thing accepted is hard work, sportsmanship, and greatness. Everyone in this camp, including myself will be dedicated to making you the best fighter possible. We’ll look at all your strengths and make them even stronger. As for your weaknesses, what weaknesses?? Here we’ll make sure you’re one of the most complete and balanced fighters to step into the cage, if you do have a weakness, it’ll be damn hard for your opponent to know so. But remember, its all about how much time you’re willing to put into the game and becoming great. We’ll put in 110% everyday no doubt, but if your only putting in 80% you’ll never be great. Effort is greatly needed, and dedication also. We do understand that it may take others longer than others to catch onto the game, but don’t worry we will all work together and work with you. Come join the team. Also, my schedule is very flexible, so if you work late nights, I’ll get online to train with you in the early mornings, or vise versa.



Current Roster: Xbox OneASMxMAFiAxKELL
B RaBbiiTt
x ShM0TZ x
Smoke T1

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