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After a brief restart and frustration abroad UOC League has ended active competition and will remain closed indefinitely. Undisputed Online will be closing its doors in the near future as well ending a nearly 6 year run providing competition for MMA gaming fans.

I wish everyone the best of luck and thank all of our supporters and fans over the years. Unfortunately the most recent MMA game was somewhat of a let down competition wise and likely any future games will undoubtedly fail to impress.

Good luck everyone and again thank you for several years of good times.

Cheers – Joker

Hey UOC fighters

After viewing online streams we have learned that online combines some weightclasses so we are condensing accordingly:

Heavyweight – Just HW fighters
Light Heavyweight – 205 and 185 are combined and can fight each other
Welterweight – 170 and 155 are combined and can fight each other
Featherweight – 145 135 and 125 are combined and can fight each other

If you were signed up for one of the divisions that got condensed into another such as Middleweight or Flyweight please come on and sign up to the new main division for your class.

You can still sign up for Two divisions per console and to be clear if you sign up for Featherweight you may use a flyweight or bantamweight fighter if you choose to.

Thank you for reading

– Graphics package updated to coincide with forums and main website. ** Ongoing, more to come**

– Email validations now work for all new registrations.

– All email functions within UOCLeague now fully operational.

– Password characters updated, removed weird blocked characters in passwords.

– Mass email now functioning.


Hey UOC Members and Guests

First New post is going to be a quick run down of what is going on here. First and foremost please read the rules there is some very important information in regards to registering like special characters not working in passwords.

The Rules pertaining to overall and other possible caps and bans for Create a Fighters will be discussed and decided upon once we all have the game and can actually see whats balanced. We will likely be using Instant Create of fighters that are made through the menu and not brought through career mode. This makes for a ease of entrance into the league and ease of customization of your fighter per fight.

You are allowed to join Two divisions per Console so if you are on both Xbox One and PS4 you can have up to Four fights a card. Currently all weightclasses are open but if we find that we do not have the sign ups to allow this we will cut down to make divisions more competitive.

If you are having any issues or want to hype up your fight please come to the forums.

UOC President
– Kassidy